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Holiday gift delivery now available from ThirdLeaf NW

Our holiday baskets are ready to roll!

The holidays can be a time of consternation for gift givers. It’s even harder when buying gifts for an entire company rather than an individual. Stuck on what to do? ThirdLeaf NW can help with our holiday gift delivery! It happens all too often. Well-meaning gift baskets get left at reception and after a couple…

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Citrus season signals the start of winter

It's almost time to get citrus delivered

Citrus season has arrived! Throughout the area, our clients are receiving the first deliveries of blood oranges and Murcott oranges. The orange season got off to a rough start according to the California citrus sector. However, the fruit is rounding into shape as it gets sent out to distributors. ThirdLeaf NW prides itself on delivering…

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ThirdLeaf NW provides office catering all over Seattle

ThirdLeaf NW frequently looks for new products and services to bring to our clients. We feel that’s something that sets us apart. Among the myriad things we do for our customers and clients is office catering! All around the Seattle area, companies are proud of their wellness initiatives and healthy choices and we love being…

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Why lunch is important to good employees

Workers feel better after eating lunch

We’re looking at lunch again! You may remember the last time we discussed taking time for lunch and why it’s so important to your physical wellness. But this time, we’re going to look at why your mind needs lunch. The facts about lunch Are you one of the five people in the United States who…

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Lunch at the office made…simple?

Many people eat lunch while staring at a computer screen

The United States eats differently. Sometimes, that’s not such a good thing. Edenred performed a study on its employees to see how they ate lunch and how they viewed it. The study spanned 14 countries and contained just fewer than 2500 anonymous participants. The study showed that Americans prefer to have lunch delivered to their…

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Why you should get fruit delivered to your office

A major trend in recent years is offices getting fruit delivered along with other snacks for their employees. The days of the vending machine and the processed snacks within seem to be turning into a memory as offices try to focus more on their employees than their absolute bottom line. Why choose fruit anyway? Forward-thinking companies are…

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From ‘healthy fruits’ to ‘delivered daily’

Sometimes new, fresh fruit can be met with trepidation. Much of this is due to people doing their best to maintain a healthy diet and eat naturally. If you aren’t familiar with a certain fruit, it’s unlikely you know its history or even if it’s good to eat. When healthy snacks are delivered to the…

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Apple-A-Day Rebrands to ThirdLeaf NW

Over the past 10 years, Apple-A-Day has grown from a small women-owned start-up in Eastern Washington  to a fresh fruit and healthy snack delivery service that works with 400+ offices in Washington & Oregon. Thank you for being a special part of our journey. YOU are the reason we’re still here. To commemorate our growth…

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Where can you find the world’s rarest apple?

A rare apple seems like a paradox in Washington state. Thanks to the east side of the state, we have access to a wide variety of fresh apples almost all the time. With this said, Ian Sturrock toured Bardsey Island off of the coast of Wales back in 2000 and made a truly unique discovery….

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How do we get the freshest fruits at the best time?

William Cowper writes “Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor” in his 1785 poem “The Task.” It’s an oft-echoed axiom that motivates people to try new things and broaden their horizons. Occasionally we get questions from our clients about our in-house processes. Over the next couple weeks we’re going to…

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